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My Professional Journey

Born in New Jersey, at 8 years old Dennis’ uncle gave him his first 35mm film camera to take photographs with.  At 12, (pictured on this page) his parents bought a video camera. He was always the operator, resulting in him missing in many of his family home videos. He attended a trade school at 16 for film production that led to an internship at NBC 9 News.  That internship turned into his first job, becoming the youngest editor at 19 years old. Later, he started working with Warren Miller and completed 3 successful Nike campaigns.  
Nike liked Dennis’ work so much, they inspired him to start his own production company in 2000: Flippin Entertainment.  His company gave him the opportunity to work with Michael Jordan, Floyd Mayweather, Theo Love, Michael Jai White and Danny Trejo.  He’s also worked on projects like the Oscar winning documentary "The Cove."  He is currently based in LA, focusing all his efforts on feature films, where he’s been the Director of Photography on four films and is currently working on his own feature projects, including a documentary.

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